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Welcome to SquashRocs, the home for junior squash in Rochester, NY.

City Spring/Summer Programs

For information about the 2017 City of Rochester Middle & High School Squash Championships, see the Urban page.

Junior squash has been growing in Rochester over the past few years and has now grown to the point where we are starting 'varsity' sports programs at McQuaid and Mercy middle/high schools.

This will allow us to make junior squash squads/teams from our growing number of junior players, from a variety of bases, and have them play in a Rochester Junior Squash Team league.

So this is the year to get your kids involved in squash - never before have they had the chance to be part of a team based squad and play in a local league.

The squads will consist of players from :-

Squash is said to be the 'healthiest' sport - that's a bold claim you may think.
See: Forbes, Ten Healthiest Sports