"The Healthiest Sport in the World"

SquashRocs - About

SquashRocs is an independent organisation that is focused on developing junior squash in Rochester. We are open to all middle and high school students from all schools in Rochester. All junior group sessions are provided at the Harro East Athletic Club (400 Andrews Street, Rochester Map).

Squash - About

Squash is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. It's a great way to improve your fitness, strength, agility, skills, and general well-being. Over 180 countries around the world play squash, and with more than 20 million players worldwide, you can never go without finding a opponent. Squash is also a very diverse sport, with the top 50 players in the world being from 19 different nations and all five continents having produced a world champion. No matter what your skill level, any squash player will welcome you in enjoying this amazing sport.

The Squash Coach - About

John Walsh, BSc.

John is a US Squash Certified Coach and is from Manchester in the UK, home to the National Squash Centre and National Squash Championships. He has been playing squash since 1977, starting on a junior team with his local village club. John moved to Rochester at the end of 2009 with the aim of developing junior squash here.

In Rochester :-

A local newspaper article — Squash: Walsh aims to grow sport locally

Back in the UK :-

Personal Feedback

Ben Tran (, NY)
Sep 2016:

I would like to thank you very much for your generosity of time and patient while coaching my 11 year old son last week. The 5 days you spend with him working on his tactics and strategies in the squash court, has made him a more confident player. Above all, he had a great time and leaving Rochester with a greater appreciation for the game. Thanks again and we will see you during his winter break.

Lee Knox (Tempe, AZ)
Nov 2010:

I have taken a couple of squash lessons from John Walsh, he is an excellent squash teacher. John uses visual aids along with a well thought out and unique coordinated strategy for teaching the basics through to the finer points. The visual aids are key to his style of teaching. During play the visualizations can be recalled even during intense rallies, this alone has dramatically improved my shot selection with a measurable improvement in my ratings. In a short period of time, not only did we cover minor points such as the reason you need a fresh (not shiny) ball but we practiced strokes, playing strategies, and ideal shots. I have taken numerous lessons in the past but the visual aids are clear in my mind during play - when I need it. I would recommend John to anyone starting the game and for anyone who wants to rapidly improve their game.

The University of Rochester Womens Team (Rochester, NY)
Feb 2010:

The majority of the girls on the team hadn't played squash before coming to Rochester, but we've made great progress over the past few months with the help of our coach, John Walsh, and member of the Rochester squash community, Tracy Ali. John has helped us immensely with swing technique, movement, and general knowledge of the game. We're really looking forward to meeting and competing with new teams at Nationals.

The University of Reading Womens Team (Reading, UK)
Nov 2009:

John is a great coach, with bags of patience and a very positive attitude. He founded our ladies team and improved everyone's games over the course of a couple of years. We are now one of the strongest teams in our league and we all enjoy playing competitively.

Thanks to our Supporters

SquashRocs would not have been possible without the help of several people and organisations, so we would like to thank them :-

Squash Rochester; Joe Klein (E3 Rochester); Loren Flaum (Flaum Management and Harro East Athletic Club); Nick Schlierf and the Hagen family (Our Lady of Mercy High School); Adam Baber, Matthew Thomas, David Spiehler (McQuaid Jesuit High School);

And :-

Sarah deLahunta - as the founder of SquashRocs, John became 'a lone nut', and with the help of Sarah deLahunta (the first follower), we started to take squash into the city schools in 2013. Unfortunately, Sarah can no longer put her time into this effort, but I would like to thank her for the support and time she did put into helping me start this project.