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SquashRocs - Middle and High School Squads

The SquashRocs Team 2015/16

The club details are :-

The club runs all year round, with the main competative seasons being the fall and winter (September through February). Anyone is welcome to come try squash at any point in the year, just contact me to let me know your coming.

Any new players are welcome to try a couple of sessions at no charge, so you can try squash before you commit to a season.

If you have tried another sport and not made the squad, then come try squash, you can enter and leave at any point through the year - and no one is dropped from our squad!

All sessions are provided at the Harro East Athletic Club (400 Andrews Street, Rochester Map), a convenient location with easy access and free parking.

'Regular' club/group sessions are every day after school, from 3.30pm to 5.00pm.

All those group sessions are 'drop-in', ie. flexible as to how many times you want to come. It's up to you! The best value is to join for the month and come as often as you can.

Club 'group session' costs are:
For a complete calander month: $100.00 (best value)
For a per-session attended: $15.00
Note: financial assistance is also available, please do ask if you need to.

Also, private (or small group) training sessions can be scheduled at any time, to suit your own days/times, at $30 per session (plus $10 to Harro, per person). Just let me know what you need.

A Letter for Parents — this contains all the information about squash and the club.

No 'special' equipment is needed, we can provide all equipment (except sneakers and attire). Should you wish to purchase your own equipment at any point, just let me know and I can advise and/or supply rackets at a low cost. Team shirts are available (est. $30) and hoodies or fleece tops for $50.

Note. squash can also be played all year round, but the fall and winter seasons are the 'main' seasons for squash.

We get to play matches against other Rochester junior groups/teams, and travel to Buffalo too. There is also the potential for team and individual competitions in Canada and New York City.

Other Useful Information

An overview of squash in the USA, by US Squash: web slides / pdf document

Growing squash in the USA, by US Squash: web slides / pdf document

University of Rochester: Squash Team Home Page / Squash Record Book

The Rochester Pro-Am Squash Tournament — the only professional squash tournament in New York state, outside of New York City.

Recent Juniors from Rochester

Rochester has a long history of producing top quality junior players. Some of our recent high school graduates have gone onto colleges, such as :-

Madison Goodwine
St. Lawrence University (2018) — Squash Profile

My name is Madison Goodwine and I'm a sophomore at St. Lawrence University. I grew up in Rochester playing squash with my dad and grandpa, but had played competitive travel soccer all throughout high school. Once I got to college I was ready to switch things up so I tried out for the squash team. One of the things I like most about squash is that it's an individual sport but you're still apart of a team. This was different than what I was used to, having played soccer and lacrosse in high school, but I love it. You have the support of a team in order to accomplish individual and team goals. Being involved with squash has helped strengthen my mental game and mindset both on and off the court as well as helped me get physically more fit. Because the matches are played individually you only have yourself to rely on, meaning you won't have a team mate there to make up for your mistakes. This forces you to confront your weaknesses and work hard to improve them in order to better yourself. I like having both this mental challenge and motivation to get better and work hard. My advice for people on the fence about trying squash is to give it a shot because you never know what can happen. I went to school not knowing if I would play soccer or squash and now I practice everyday for two hours and I can't imagine what my day would be like without it. It's become a part of me and my lifestyle and I wouldn't change a thing!

Maria Majid
Our Lady of Mercy High School (2015)
University of Rochester (2019)

Can I just say we SQUASH the competition? (I'm hilarious).
But in all seriousness, continuing squash is one of the best decisions of my life and I look forward to sharing great memories with new members! Join Women's Squash!!
University of Rochester Ladies Squash Club Captain, 2017/18.

Elizabeth Ferguson
Our Lady of Mercy High School (2012)
MCC (2017)

My name is Elizabeth Ferguson; I am an alumni of OLM class of 2012. I was introduced to the sport of squash in 2011 by Coach John. During my academic studies at Mercy I always found I had too much energy, or couldn't focus and sit still, my grades suffered and my social life was difficult. When I began playing it was just that, playing. However, it quickly became a passion and from there it became a constant in my schedule and life. Every week twice a week I was playing squash, if I wasn’t playing I was watching or reading or thinking about it. My energy and free time focused on this fun addicting competitive sport. Squash is both a team sport and an individual one. When you're on the court, it is only you and your opponent; it is your mistakes and your successes. Every swing of the racket is to be calculated and thought out, a game of strategy, quickthinking and energy. My grades quickly improved, my body, my mind, my spirit were all trained and pushed to the limits, my excess energy was put to use and my mind could focus. Squash to me isn't just a sport, but a passion, a lifstyle and a life changer. Without Coach John and squash I would have failed my senior year of Mercy and I wouldn’t be the successful, educated and confidant woman I am today.

Nicholas Greaves-Tunnell
Williams College (2015) — Squash Profile, In a match against Western Ontario (NGT in yellow)

Kate Calihan
Columbia University (2015) — Squash Profile, Calihan set for Ivy League

Eliza Calihan
Harvard University (2013) — Squash Profile, A Senior Perspective (Eliza on the right)

Alexander Greaves-Tunnell
Williams College (2013) — Squash Profile

Rochester City Junior Ladder

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