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Ward Riley Junior Beginner Squash Tournament

This is a tournament for beginner level players, on the weekend of June 16-17, held down town at GVC, with 3 weeks of free training sessions provided before the tournament.

All 'squash' equipment will be provided for all the training sessions and tournament.

The tournament entry fee is $85 - and SquashRocs has arrange for that fee to be covered for any RCSD/charter school students - ie. this is FREE for you !!!

IMPORTANT: To qualify for the entry fee subsidy, you MUST contact me ASAP (so we can get you entered into the tournament) AND you must attend at least 1 of the FREE SquashRocs training weeks.

The 3 weeks of SquashRocs training are provided at Harro East (downtown), from 5.30pm to 6.30pm:

Week 1: May 29 - Jun 1
Week 2: Jun 4 - Jun 7
Week 3: Jun 11 - Jun 14

Other sessions are also being provided at Midtown Athletic Club and GVC.

Information and Downloads:

Harro East Athletic Club, 400 Andrews Street (Map).

Tournament Brochure — this contains all the information about the tournament.

Tournament Training Sessions — this contains all the information about the 3 weeks of training sessions.

School Poster — for all RCSD/Charter schools.

SquashRocs Signup Form — one per student, required.

How to signup for the tournament:

Note: I will be able to do this with you during the training sessions at Harro East.

You will need to go to the US Squash website, create an account (My Account -> Create Account) for yourself (this is free, you don't need to join US Squash), then go to the tournament page (Play Squash -> Tournaments, choose event type: Junior Bronze and search, or try this link: Ward Riley Tournament) and sign up. This will charge you the $85 at that time. RCSD/charter school students - we will reimburse you the entry fee.

BU11 = Boys, Under 11 years old,
GU13 = Girls, Under 13 years old,
age is on the first day of the tournament.

After the tournament, we hope you continue to play squash. See the Schools and Urban pages.

Some local new players from EMH Charter School: