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SquashRocs - Support


SquashRocs has partnered with ROC E6, Inc., a charity (501c3) organization working hard to bring 'uncommon' sports to the city of Rochester students, so your donation can be claimed TAX FREE.

To make a donation online, please see our funding page.

If you would prefer to send a cheque, please contact me for details.

To read about our urban squash events and programs, see the Urban page.

If you would like to get involved with urban squash, just drop me an email. You don't have to be a great squash player, you just need to be keen to help - and some times we need help with things other than playing squash.

Thank you for your support.

Donations and Supporters

Jun 17 - current total raised: $7,200 of $10,000 (from chuffed, checks and pledges).

Many thanks to the following patrons:

Raymond Bales
Allen Handelman
Abby Bennett
Lauren Reynolds
Stephen Craxton
Arnab Kar
Armand Gallucci
Patricia Helfer
Fred Hagen
Doreen Smethurst
Michael Silber
Jesse Cramer
Patricia Wollan
Michalene Kinsler
Brendan Boyce
John Wiesenthal
Michalene Kinsler
Robin Gardy
Glenn Fjermedal
Eric Hernady
Sanjeev Popli
Alex Whitaker
Rose-Marie Klipstein
Joe Klein
Philip Katzman
Jens Ingemann Jensen
Robert Fehnel
Mukesh Patel
Mark Petersen
Andy Publow

And a big thank you to the following for giving their time and effort in helping with this project:

Joe Klein
Lorren Flaum
James Maddison
Ed Mineck
Carlos Cotto

Example Expenses

• Running the 2017 City of Rochester Middle & High School Squash League and Championships will cost $10,000 (a full budget is available upon request). About half will pay for the coaches and half will pay for equipment, shirts, overheads and the University of Rochester courts for the finals weekend.

• A basic SquashRocs city school team would cost $5,000. That would support 1 city school, providing access to all equipment and coaching for them to have their own squash team/program (a squad of 7 players), with 2 training sessions per week for two seasons.

It would be great if we could run at least 2 city school squash teams!!!

That would allow us to run a Rochester junior league, and start to compete with the junior teams in Buffalo too.

• Other/extra expenses would be involved for individual or team junior tournaments - providing trips to places like Buffalo, Toronto or New Yort City.