"The Healthiest Sport in the World"

SquashRocs - Urban

2017 City of Rochester Middle & High School Squash Championships

Playing twice a week through July and August, we are forming up to 8 teams of 5 to 7 players.

This is open to any students that have not played squash before, boys and girls.

RCSD and charter school students - these programs are FREE for you !!!

Age: from 10 years old and up. Younger students are welcome too, but contact us for details.

Location: all sessions are held at Harro East Athletic Club, 400 Andrews Street (Map). No experience necessary, instruction and all equipment is provided.

Contact us to schedule a free introduction session for you and your friends. You can join in at any time through July and August.

Students - grab some friends and enroll now.

Why does Squash Rock ?!

- Very popular sport in America and the world

- Played in high school and college, and growing

Some top colleges for squash are:

Harvard, Yale, Trinity, Rochester, Princeton, Pennsylvania, Stanford, Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth and Drexel.

Squash offers a great opportunity to travel and play at the national level.

Are you an Athlete ?!      Do you like being competitive ?!

Squash is the sport for you – ranked the #1 sport:

1. Squash, 2. Rowing, 3. Rock Climbing, 4. Swimming, 5. Cross-Country Skiing, 6. Basketball, 7. Cycling, 8. Running.

Still not sure if squash is the sport for you, then read this success story from Buffalo: The Buffalo Twins.

How to get involved :-

Come give it a try, join in at any time, and bring some friends !!! Contact us to schedule a free introduction session for you and your friends.

Then if you like it, sign up !!!

To make your own team, get a group 5 to 7 of your friends together.

Or you can join an existing group, to make up a new team.

Your team will get 2 training sessions per week, of 1 hour each, at a day/time slot to suit you.

The current teams and their schedules are:

  1. GVPSC = GVP Sports Camp
  2. ASC = Art Smart Camp

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1:00 - 2:00 GVPSC
2:15 - 3:15 ASC Group 1
3:30 - 4:30 ASC Group 2
5:00 - 6:00

All sessions are held at Harro East Athletic Club, 400 Andrews Street (Map). No experience necessary, instruction and all equipment is provided.

Open to all students (boys and girls) from grade 5 and up. Places limited to 8 teams.

After the league, all the teams will play in the finals tournament.

Want to know more about squash, see youtube channels: PSASquashTV, England Squash, Portland Community Squash.

And see the video profile of Tempest Bowden, below.


Sign up form — one per student/team member.

Flier/Poster — for schools (or other organizations) to use to promote the program.

Schools Pack — for schools or other organizations.

Program Overview — for sponsors and supporters (9 pages).

Support the Program

If you woul like to donate and/or support our urban programs, see the Support page.

Thank you for your support.

PUC 2016

I have been working with the PUC Achieve Charter School since they came to Rochester in 2014/15, and we are running a squash program as part of their 2016 summer programs.

We have around 10 students playing on Monday and Wednesday mornings, 9:00am to 11:30am. The program runs from July 6 through August 10 (11 sessions over 6 weeks).

I am looking for volunteer helpers - students may be able to count their hours towards any schools 'service' requirements.

Volunteers: Carwin Collinsworth, Evan Dombroski, Christian Coler.
Any more would be great!!!

Looking Forward

I would like to run 2 city school programs, with each school getting 2 training sessions per week. The programs can run in any season of the school year (being an indoor sport for the fall & winter), and I would especially like to have summer programs providing some activity for the city squads through the summer vacation.

“Bringing squash to the K – 12 students in Rochester would be beneficial to our students. To have a SquashRocs league for urban students would help those students who participated. Squash burns more calories than virtually any other sport so the students would be healthier. Squash is a prestigious sport for competitive colleges and competent squash players will get recruited to top colleges such as Harvard. A squash league combined with academic enrichment would make students better able to stay on track and be prepared for college, career and life.

The squash program John Walsh would like to put together at Harro in conjunction with two charter schools will be the beginning of a robust "SquashBusters" type program that could have significant impact on our students and on the community as a whole. Physical and academic gains for the students will be garnered and as well as preparing these students for college and life. A robust program will both lift academic performance of Rochester's most vulnerable children, while fundamentally improving their physical health. This program will also help provide admission to many fine universities. If the program can be scaled, many students will benefit. This program deserves strong support. Harro seems an ideal place to house the program as it is close to the first partipant, PUC Achieve Charter School and many of the other schools. The program at Harro will allow control of the schedule, which is not possible at the other potential sites.”

Joe Klein
Educational Excellence — for Every Child

An example of what I would like to achieve in Rochester, from Portland Community Squash.

A student profile, Tempest Bowden of SquashSmarts, Philadelphia

The aim of an urban SquashRocs program is to provide a safe welcoming environment for students to learn and harness their abilities through tutoring, mentoring and physical activity (squash, obviously).

Our programs are designed to work with a small group of students from each grade, but to support them over a longer period - from the start of middle school through to high school graduation.

As squash is the 'healthiest' sport there is, through our combnation of squash and tutoring we promote a healthy life style and general wellness, new expeiences and cultural/social development, and the importance of education with the strong goal of going to college.

The long term aim for SquashRocs is to become a full 'urban squash' program and a member of NUSEA.

The first 'urban squash' program was SquashBusters, founded in Boston in 1995, and there are now more than a dozen programs around the USA.

SquashBusters, Boston

SquashSmarts, Philadelphia