"The Healthiest Sport in the World"

Squash with Horizons

The squash option for the Horizons Student Enrichment Program with The Harley School, at Midtown Athletic Club, July 2014.

SquashRocs and SquashRochester joined with the Horizons Student Enrichment Program at The Harley School for the summer of 2014 to provide squash as a recreational option for their program.

The program ran for 4 weeks, and with the help of several volunteers from the local squash community, we provided a squash session every day for a small group of the Horizons students.

Our thanks go to :-


Luis Perez (from Horizons), Douglas Bennett, Kate Guyer, Oscar Lopez, John Walsh, Greg Soehner, Alex Whitaker, Bill Lampeter, Rohit Agrawal, Thomson Chew, Doreen Smethurst, Ronald Cavellier, Chip Nimick, Karl David, Armand Gallucci.


Javier, Anaheysha, Gabriela, Kaisley Crawford, Jayden Nathan, Taylor Clay.