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Season 2015/16 - Team Match

Team SquashRocs against Canisius High School (Buffalo), played at Nichols High School (Buffalo), February 27 2016.

Team SquashRocs (from left to right):
Carwyn Collinsworth
Andrew Walsh
Nate Catlin
Christian Mathews
Christian Coler
Evan Dombroski
Sean Connolly
Owen Moore
Sebastian Kinsler
Sarah Chew
Grace Fjermedal
Maggie Swartz
Anika Fischer
John Walsh

Match Results

Top 9 order only.

SquashRocs vs. Canisius Score
Carwyn Collinsworth vs. Mike Ferrick 0-3
Grace Fjermedal vs. Will Smith 0-3
Evan Dombroski vs. Evan Bray 0-3
Christian Mathews vs. Colin Helfer 0-3
Sebastian Kinsler vs. Connor Wagner 0-3
Sarah Chew vs. JJ Klein 0-3
Christian Coler vs. Colin Markarian 0-3
Nate Catlin vs. Peter Hilleng 0-3
Andrew Walsh vs. Jack Borowiak 0-3
Team Canisius won: 9-0  

This was our first match against a team outside of Rochester. The Buffalo juniors are very strong, we were aiming for a match against a mixed/middle school level team, but they brought a team of senior boys. Looking forward to another match next year.
John Walsh.


Marc Fischer

Despite not winning their matches, both Anika and Maggie played formidably for their first competitor matches, with having some very competing matches. Anika lost 11-9 twice ! Maggie was up 5-0 in her 2nd match but was overcome by a longer tenured player of some 8 years coached ! All 3 of them had several years of competitive play, it was obvious. You all should be very proud as they have Come such a long way in such a short time. Safe to say their first match bugs are over and they are hooked on the match play. Thx for putting it together. Well done !

Kathy Coler

Thank you for your efforts and for a fun time yesterday! Christian enjoyed although he is not a good loser! He will transition to lacrosse through July but would consider a tournament in a few weeks if there is no conflict with his schedule.
He would like to be involved as time goes on, please keep us informed. Thank you!

Michalene Kinsler

Sebastian had a good time and enjoyed having the chance to play some new players. He will be there on Tuesday and Thursday this week. You have been such a gift to these kids and have been so flexible. I know Sebastian really loves playing and feels he always learns from you. Thank you for organizing and keeping the program going.

Megan Dombroski

Thank you so much for organizing the matches.

Anne Chew

Thx so much John. I thought our little team did great despite the challenge. Sarah said she is sad to see it end as she has had so much fun. Sailing starts sometime later in March. I think she would like to continue as long as possible.
Sarah said she would like to come this week.

Grace Fjermedal

Hi coach John!
Thank you all so much for taking us to the match, we had so much fun and it was a very good experience! I am signed up for track as I was unaware that squash was going to continue but I would love to be able to do a session on the weekend if there is interest? Thank you so much!! This season was a blast!!

Edie Catlin

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon, Coach John! Apologies for not seeing you before we left, had to get back for an evening event. I believe you were watching another match. Nate enjoyed playing and supporting his teammates.
Unfortunately, he is unable to make practices this week (school and sports conflicts). He can make a couple of practices the following week 3/7.

Rhiannon Collinsworth

Thank's for arranging the match, Carwyn enjoyed, even with playing seniors.
He's not participating in a Spring sport at school, and is keen to keep going in squash. The only tough day is Tuesdays, when there are school concerts or an overload of exams/homework.

Joyce Connolly

Sean will be starting crew so he won't be able to play squash for a while. Thank you for a great squash season!