"The Healthiest Sport in the World"

Our First Team Event!

Team SquashRocs against Team GVC, played at GVC, May 31 2014.

Team SquashRocs (from left to right, back to front):
Joe Smrcka
Jonah Pierce
Carwyn Collinsworth
Grace Fjermedal
Rachel Herrmann
Evan Dombroski
Sebastian Kinsler
Madeleine Hager
Jonathan Moore
Jackie Hager
Leo Taylor
Rowan Markham
John Walsh

Team GVC (from left to right, back to front):
K. Anderson
S. Chew
A. Mealey
E. Burns
J. Goodbody
A. Birmingham
K. Mollenkopf
E. Anderson
L. Lindahl
M. Voloshin
M. Chew
C. Mealey
C. Mollenkopf
Kate Guyer

Match Results

SquashRocs vs. GVC Score
Joe Smrcka vs. Caroline Mollenkopf 1-2
Madeleine Hager vs. Kasey Mollenkopf 2-0
Jonah Pierce vs. Max Chew 2-0
Jackie Hager vs. C Mealey 2-0
Carwyn Collinsworth vs. Sarah Chew 2-0
Rowan Markham vs. E Burns 1-2
Grace Fjermedal vs. E Anderson 2-0
Rachel Herrmann vs. K Anderson 2-0
Sebastian Kinsler vs. A Birmingham 2-1
Jonathan Moore vs. A Mealey 0-2
Dylan Ashton vs. J Goodbody 0-2
Evan Dombroski vs. L Lindahl 2-1
Leo Taylor vs. Maya Voloshin 1-2
Makenna vs. Maya Voloshin 2-0
Kissean vs. L Lindahl 1-2

Team SquashRocs won: 9-6

Thanks to GVC for hosting our first SquashRocs team match. It was great to see all our players involved in a team event. Looking forward to doing it again next year.
John Walsh.