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Season 2014/15 - First Team Match

Team SquashRocs against Team GVC, played at GVC, October 25 2014.

Team SquashRocs (from left to right)
Sebastian Kinsler
Evan Dombroski
Tristan Marie
Jonah Pierce
Abbie Whitmire
Madeleine Hager
Carwyn Collinsworth
Maria Majid
Rayaan Cheema
John Walsh

Team GVC (from left to right):
Regan Whitaker
Lili Lindahl
Ann Mealey
Caroline Mealey
Jack Goodbody
Max Chew
Sydney Whitaker
Maya Voloshin
Miles Stefko
Oscar Lopez

Match Results

SquashRocs A vs. GVC A Score
Madeleine Hager vs. Caroline Mealey 3-0
Jonah Pierce vs. Max Chew 3-0
Rayaan Cheema vs. Jack Goodbody 3-0
Carwyn Collinsworth vs. Ann Mealey 3-0
Maria Majid vs. Lili Lindahl 2-3

Team SquashRocs A won: 4-1

SquashRocs B vs. GVC B Score
Maria Majid vs. Regan Whitaker 3-0
Sebastian Kinsler vs. Miles Stefko 3-0
Evan Dombroski vs. Miles Stefko 0-3
Tristan Marie vs. Sydney Whitaker 3-0
Abbie Whitmire vs. Maya Voloshin 1-3

Team SquashRocs B won: 3-2

Thanks to GVC for hosting another fun match. It was great to see all our players involved in a team event again.
John Walsh.